Steam Marines v0.7.4a, 26 September 2018

Hello, all.

I've been working mostly under the hood these last few weeks in the realm of shaders, code optimizations, and upgrading various bits of the user interface:

The main step I've taken is to overhaul the targeting UI so that the principle elements are displayed concisely. There's enough room to pack more information in there like does head shotting do different things, showing marine class specific effects, et cetera.

This does introduce icons for health and armor, but not for attacks or action (yet?), so the main resource indicators have remained the same as colored pips for now. The unit overlay has been optimized for lower end systems more, and should no longer impact framerate much at all.

Camera control keybindings have been added - older users may need to manually set or default those settings since the old user settings have been invalidated.

Most of the work done has been scaffolding for future updates, like converting resources to icons, displaying all marines' unit panels on the tactical field at once, ability targeting, and more abilities to come in the future.

I hope this update brings some good quality of life changes for all of you!

v0.7.4a Changelog

  • New targeting UI in tactical field.
  • Targeting UI should now correctly track targets in both shoulder chasing and overhead field camera modes.
  • Added camera control keybindings.
  • Unit information overlays much more performant.
  • Constant pixel size UI scaling is now the default setting.
  • Added marine class attack to Attack button tooltip, color coded.
  • Event log should scale correctly with arbitrary widescreen resolutions when not in constant pixel UI scaling mode.
  • Bugfix: Extended credits invisibly blocking edge of main menu buttons.
  • Bugfix: Door tooltip displaying incorrect keybind for opening the door.
  • Bugfix: Tactical field UI elements rendering on top of escape submenu.
  • Bugfix: Brainien armor not always reducing to 0 when it should.

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Version 0.7.4a Sep 26, 2018 335 MB
Version 0.7.4a Sep 26, 2018 331 MB
Version 0.7.4a Sep 26, 2018

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Hi, glad to see an update.

I was fighting some aliens stuff, it was going "fine".

Then, the game crashed later during  the combat. An alien shot one of my guy, and poof.

[2018-09-27 @ 16:36:10.244] [launch] error while launching c79b4440-e6b5-43b5-92f1-ec1b0d7075d4: killed by signal SIGSEGV

[2018-09-27 @ 16:36:10.249] [launch] crashed with killed by signal SIGSEGV
[2018-09-27 @ 16:36:10.249] [launch] killed by signal SIGSEGV
[2018-09-27 @ 16:36:10.250] [diego] diego here, looking around

I'm on Linux Mint

Thanks for the report. I haven't seen this on my Ubuntu machine, but I'll try and dig up an old laptop this weekend and install Mint and see if I run into any new issues.