Steam Marines v0.8.0a, 9 October 2019

Hello, everyone.

This version brings all icons for marine class talents into the game. Huzzah! Super sneak peak into the project directory:

This is 40 icons in total but the talented David G. Baumgart. That is a lot of ways to build your marine squads!

Additionally all talents with text descriptions have been included in the tactical field unit tooltips:

Now that we have proper UI for these types of abilities on units, I'm looking into adding enemy specific abilities for varied gameplay and challenges.

The shoulder chasing camera has been change to avoid clipping through environment geometry and provide a more useful, broader field of view of the selected marine's nearby area. The action camera toggle option in the gameplay menu remains unchanged.

And a small reminder! Steam Marines 2 will be launching on Steam Early Access soon, and if you wishlist it there that helps me out a bunch and I'd greatly appreciate it!

Thanks for reading!


v0.8.0a Changelog

  • Finished adding all marine class talent icons to the game.
  • Added talent icons and text descriptions to unit tooltips in the tactical field.
  • Torgon Snipers might be sneakier when taking turns without attacking.
  • Miscellaneous UI/UX tweaks. Alignment and button outline anti-aliasing issues resolved.
  • Performance: Decreased tooltip polling frequency. Wasn't necessary even with the new tooltip icons.
  • Performance: Cached certain point-to-point routes for more efficient enemy pathfinding.
  • Bugfix: Taking a class talent had a missing </color> tag in the message text.
  • Bugfix: Erroneous detection of save file corruption which was not actually corrupted. Save file integrity good, but would force the player back to the main menu after completing a level.
  • Bugfix: Penetrator and Brain Drain talent icons now correctly display in the promotions panel of the ship roster view.
  • Bugfix: Linux shader bugs fixed. Zero outstanding Linux shader bugs. Amazing.

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Version 0.8.0a Oct 09, 2019 335 MB
Version 0.8.0a Oct 09, 2019

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Great to see new game progress !!!