Steam Marines v0.7.7a, 18 March 2019

Hello all,

Steam Marines 2 gets more abilities and more differentiation between your Commander and the marines under their command.

This new push is to differentiate and specialize each marine, both by class and Commander status. Given the feedback I've received over the last few months I'm also considering bringing back talent trees from Steam Marines 1.

v0.7.7a Changelog

  • Implemented Boose Bomb ability: adds an additional space strike (if under max!)
  • Implemented Leadership Whitepaper ability: grants +1 Empathy.
  • Implemented Ma Peis Black Hole ability: a miniature black hole that devours units near it.
  • Implemented Ammaal's Petal ability: has a mysterious effect.
  • Implemented Marine Beacon ability: warps in a friendly marine unit if the roster is not full (current max of 6).
  • Decreased Atomport skill cost from 5 Action to 4 Action.
  • All starting skills for all marine classes are now 4 or less Action to use to improve the overall quality of abilities marines start with. Some abilities may still require 1 or more Attack.
  • Added more marine lines of dialogue/barks.
  • Bugfix: Ripsaw animations not always firing.
  • Bugfix: Grenadier splash damage not always triggering when the primary target dies.
  • Bugfix: Overlays not persisting correctly through marine attack states.
  • Bugfix: Player/enemy turn text not always showing during the start of turns.
  • Bugfix: Prevents a marine moving to a floor tile when in an angled camera orbit and a door node partially obscures that floor tile.
  • Bugfix: Tooltip for Armor Plating skill says increases Armor by 1 even though it actually increases by 2.

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Version 0.7.7a Mar 18, 2019

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