Steam Marines v0.8.3.1a, 12 June 2020

Hi, everyone.

This is a minor patch to support joystick enabling/disabling via in-game gameplay config. It also fixes a potential crash with overcrowded level starts.

This patch will invalidate the gameplay configuration file version so options for the action camera, enemy camera tracking, etc will be reverted to default values on game launch. But this update should be save game compatible.

v0.8.3.1a Changelog

  • Added joystick enabling/disabling via gameplay configuration tab in the main menu. Steam Marines 2 does not have full controller support, and this targets joystick support for camera control in the tactical field and ship control movements in the galaxy/universe view.
  • Bugfix: Potential crash on new tactical level when multiple marines might spawn and trigger the same pickup item(s).

Files 316 MB
Version Jun 12, 2020 335 MB
Version Jun 12, 2020

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