Steam Marines v0.7.9a, 6 September 2019

Hello all.

I've been working hard on behind the scenes stuff for the incoming Steam launch. We'll be back to a more regular update schedule after that!

Side Panels

The old Steam Marines 1 style panels are back.

Color coded, selected marine indented, combat-relevant data displayed in compact form, and unit tooltips still unroll extra detail. Marine barks upon selection end/start of turn (can) also include relevant data on the marine unit such as class.

Visual Updates

One of the perks of working on multiple games at once is sometimes you can slot stuff you make for one into another. Certain marine skills now have added visuals commensurate with their effects.

All of the marine talent icons should be in in the next month or so, and new skills will be incoming, as well as a roadmap of what to expect once the Steam launch goes live.

Thanks for sticking with me as I continue to improve Steam Marines 2!


v0.7.9a Changelog

  • Added side panels for the entire marine squad on the upper left side of the screen.
  • Ability to change shoulder chasing camera position in the tactical field.
  • Added more marine portraits.
  • Added more marine class talent icons.
  • Added more developer console commands, use "help" to bring up a short list.
  • Added random turn events with a 30% chance to trigger at the start of the player turn.
  • Backup save files will now use the .bumbackup extension rather than the .bum extension.
  • Added visual effects to some of the marine skills.
  • Move keybind can now be used to directly target/attack enemies on the tactical field.
  • Level scores and other data added to debriefing screen.
  • Decreased scaled size of unit info panels on the tactical field.
  • Added more marine dialogue/barks.
  • Hard and Brutal game modes now have efficient pathing AI on melee enemies.
  • Bugfix: Nasty potential file i/o bug in the Save Manager.
  • Bugfix: Sanitized all given names, surnames, and callsigns loaded from external files.
  • Bugfix: Enemy armor not always saving/loading from file correctly.
  • Bugfix: Run score file sometimes deleting prior to death screen, resulting in incorrect run scores being displayed (high scores unaffected).
  • Performance: Various Mac and Linux shader improvements.

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Version 0.7.9a Sep 06, 2019

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glad to see this game is getting updated, really excited to play it!!!