Steam Marines v0.8.1a, 20 November 2019

Hello, everyone!

This version is the Steam Early Access version which will be going up in a few hours! As promised everyone who purchase on Itch will receive a Steam key and this should be available shortly.

Custom Portraits

This was a requested feature that is finally available - you can now import PNG images as marine portraits!

Windows directory: "\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\Worthless Bums\Steam Marines 2\Portraits\"

Linux directory: "/home/<user>/.config/Worthless Bums/Steam Marines 2/Portraits/"

Notes on use:

  • The images must be in PNG format.
  • When in-game the image will not be cropped, instead it will be squished into a square if it is not already square.
  • It's suggested that you use at least 128x128 resolution images.
  • There is no internal hardcap on portrait size or the number of portraits.
  • The in-game portrait selector will expand as required to accommodate the number of portraits to be imported.
  • The way the portraits are internally hooked up is by index and file (alphabetical) order. If you have two files 1.png and 2.png then 1.png will be loaded into index 0, and 2.png into index 1. If you rename 1.png to 3.png, then a marine that had portrait index 0 will now load the file 2.png instead of 1.png. In other words, if you change the order of a portrait that is assigned to a marine, you will need to reassign it to the correct portrait.

Thanks for reading!


v0.8.1a Changelog

  • Steam Early Access launch version! Achievements and Trading Cards!
  • Implemented loading of custom marine portraits.
  • Adjusted commendation text size and color for legibility.
  • Added talent highlighting in promotions panel.
  • Abort mission menu in the tactical field now has a consistent render order with other menus.
  • Added more marine barks in rarer circumstances.
  • Increased chance to obtain energy weapons earlier in the game.
  • Bugfix: Seselecting marines did not deselect on the side panel in all circumstances.
  • Bugfix: Marine death flag not always being set before the game saves.
  • Bugfix: Enemies now raycast at 0.5 units above floor level to have consistent marine detection behavior.
  • Bugfix: Sometimes floors would get flagged as open doors when opening actual doors.

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Version 0.8.1a Nov 20, 2019

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