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Steam Marines 2 brings you to distant star systems and planetoids square in the path of conflict between the Tor alien race and the banner of sentient machines.

Take the helm of the I.S.S. Delhi and investigate rumors of war, offers of alliance, and build your crew of marines and fleet resources toward the ends you choose.


  • Permadeath - take care of your marines or die trying.
  • Turn-based combat - master movement and fire tactics.
  • Procedural generation - ship interiors and planetside levels.
  • Factions - human, alien, and robot units with their own gear and tactics.
  • Customization - marines with names, portraits, and gear.

Release Date

Alpha builds for Windows, Mac, and Linux coming in March 2018.

Tentative price is $25 USD.

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Original Soundtrack

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Coder/Designer - Yik-Sian James Seow

Character Animator - Edward del Villar

Environment Artist - Daniel Allen

Portrait Illustrator - Jenny Pattison

Audio - James Mulvale


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