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Steam Marines 2

Steam Marines 2 - a steampunk tactics game · By WorthlessBums


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Steam Marines v0.7.7a, 18 March 2019
Hello all, Steam Marines 2 gets more abilities and more differentiation between your Commander and the marines under their command. This new push is to differen...
3 files — 0.7.7a
Steam Marines v0.7.6a, 31 January 2019
Hello all, Today Steam Marines 2 finally gets its run score implementation, similar to how Steam Marines 1 operated. Actions can have either a positive or neg...
3 files — 0.7.6a
Steam Marines v0.7.5a, 7 January 2019
Hello and a happy 2019 to you all! Version 0.7.5a brings a meaty chunky of user interface changes, mostly in the tactical field area. Unit info panels have been...
3 files — 0.7.5a
Steam Marines v0.7.4a, 26 September 2018
Hello, all. I've been working mostly under the hood these last few weeks in the realm of shaders, code optimizations, and upgrading various bits of the user int...
3 files — 0.7.4a
Steam Marines 2 - v0.7.3a, 4 July 2018
Hello, folks. Been working on knocking out some more subtle bugs since the Linux launch, and also focusing on more marine weapons, enemy AI/balancing, and user...
3 files — 0.7.3a
Official Linux Support
Official Linux Support Steam Marines 2 now has official support for Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and up! Thanks to private testers and others we've hammered out a few deal...
3 files — 0.7.2a
Steam Marines 2 - Early Linux Build
What's all this then? Steam Marines 2 has its first Linux alpha build. While Linux is still unofficially supported (I do not recommend purchasing the game if yo...