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Steam Marines 2

Steam Marines 2 - a steampunk tactics game · By WorthlessBums


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Steam Marines v0.8.3.1a, 12 June 2020
Hi, everyone. This is a minor patch to support joystick enabling/disabling via in-game gameplay config. It also fixes a potential crash with overcrowded level s...
2 files —
Steam Marines v0.8.3a, 27 May 2020
Hi, everyone! Apologies for the long delay in this newest update: covid-19 and a move across the country including damage to my main development machine caused...
Steam Marines v0.8.1a, 20 November 2019
Hello, everyone! This version is the Steam Early Access version which will be going up in a few hours! As promised everyone who purchase on Itch will receive a...
2 files — 0.8.1a
Steam Marines v0.8.0a, 9 October 2019
Hello, everyone. This version brings all icons for marine class talents into the game. Huzzah! Super sneak peak into the project directory: This is 40 icons in...
2 files — 0.8.0a
Steam Marines v0.7.9a, 6 September 2019
Hello all. I've been working hard on behind the scenes stuff for the incoming Steam launch. We'll be back to a more regular update schedule after that! Side Pan...
3 files — 0.7.9a
Steam Marines v0.7.8a, 24 April 2019
Hello all. This is a reasonably large update! Talents Steam Marines 2 now has talent trees for each marine class! When marines level up they'll unlock a new tie...
Steam Marines v0.7.7a, 18 March 2019
Hello all, Steam Marines 2 gets more abilities and more differentiation between your Commander and the marines under their command. This new push is to differen...
3 files — 0.7.7a