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Steam Marines 2

Steam Marines 2 - a steampunk tactics game · By WorthlessBums


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Steam Marines v0.8.1a, 20 November 2019
Hello, everyone! This version is the Steam Early Access version which will be going up in a few hours! As promised everyone who purchase on Itch will receive a...
2 files — 0.8.1a
Steam Marines v0.8.0a, 9 October 2019
Hello, everyone. This version brings all icons for marine class talents into the game. Huzzah! Super sneak peak into the project directory: This is 40 icons in...
2 files — 0.8.0a
Steam Marines v0.7.9a, 6 September 2019
Hello all. I've been working hard on behind the scenes stuff for the incoming Steam launch. We'll be back to a more regular update schedule after that! Side Pan...
3 files — 0.7.9a
Steam Marines v0.7.8a, 24 April 2019
Hello all. This is a reasonably large update! Talents Steam Marines 2 now has talent trees for each marine class! When marines level up they'll unlock a new tie...
Steam Marines v0.7.7a, 18 March 2019
Hello all, Steam Marines 2 gets more abilities and more differentiation between your Commander and the marines under their command. This new push is to differen...
3 files — 0.7.7a
Steam Marines v0.7.6a, 31 January 2019
Hello all, Today Steam Marines 2 finally gets its run score implementation, similar to how Steam Marines 1 operated. Actions can have either a positive or neg...
3 files — 0.7.6a
Steam Marines v0.7.5a, 7 January 2019
Hello and a happy 2019 to you all! Version 0.7.5a brings a meaty chunky of user interface changes, mostly in the tactical field area. Unit info panels have been...
3 files — 0.7.5a