A downloadable game

Hammergrind: a fantasy RPG set on an underwater mushroom world encapsulated in an air bubble.

  • A lovely overworld showcasing various terrains, flora, and fauna.
  • A dank underworld of interconnected underground systems.
  • Magic. Alchemy. Growing crops with magic and alchemy.
  • Probably some concessions to players who want to kill stuff.
  • Janky dialogue with an array of stats/skills so you can choose silly options.
  • Cantankerous old wizards who can one-shot you.
  • Live out your fantasy of being able to own a house.
  • A medieval financial market.
  • You can pat the <Thing>.
  • An overtuned simulationist world where you can accidentally kill everyone by setting the wrong bush on fire that causes some unbalanced chain reaction of events. Or something.
  • Colors that aren't brown.
  • Attention to details no one not on the development team will notice.
  • Maybe modding tools I'm thinking about it.

Hammergrind is in early development. You shouldn't be able to buy Hammergrind yet. If someone is trying to sell you Hammergrind right now you should reinstall your operating system of choice.

Hammergrind should be available as an early alpha in 2020 Q4 or 2021 Q1. Game projects always hit their milestones.

Here are some early screenshots/concept art: